Shop update — April 2017

Hi hi!

These past few months have been, in a word, discouraging.

The world seems pretty dismal as of late and personally, I’ve been focusing on fighting the crippling anxiety created by the 24-hour news circuit via social media.

I have also taken a much longer break from this work than I anticipated. It has, however, allowed me to flesh out some of the big ideas I have and how it will relate to my life as well as forced me to address how much work (and help!) @policybabes will need to become what I know it can be in the future.

Part of that, I think, will be a rebrand and reassessment of our direction and mission. (Definitely still charity work, probably some non-charity work). It will also include a lot of official tax-y business-type stuff that I’ve been, honestly, afraid to deal with. But it’ll be fun! I bought a cute binder!

What I know for sure is that @policybabes (or whatever we’ll be called) is still going to be awesome and powerful and badass as FUCK.

Thank you all for being your supportive, badass, patient, hard-working selves. It means the world to have you along for the fight.

Power and love,
Alexis Willey

P.s.: Our “nasty woman’ t-shirts have raised over $700 for Planned Parenthood (!!!) which is amazing for a small run of a shirt I made literally because I was bored and then disillusioned and then powered up. So wtf!! Thank you!! I’m hoping to get the site up to date with the donation invoices asap, but you know, one-woman-show. 

P.p.s.: If you want to be part of our ~eventual~ survey group when rebranding discussions begin, shoot me an email:, or sign up for our newsletter!

P.p.p.s: Wanna help? Know an accountant looking for pro-bono work? Have an organization that needs us? Want to donate your screenprint rig to us? Shoot me an email or message!

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