what the f*ck is a policybabe?

i’m glad you asked.

noun  \ˈpä-lə-sē \ˈbāb \

1: a hottie with an interest in learning about
and changing political policies, in activating social
change through awareness and discussion,
and in inspiring others

2: you, probably

policybabes, when i came up with the idea, was meant as a temporary placeholder for a less complicated, better researched name i would someday come up with. But honestly i think i’m just sticking with it.


Because i do what i want! Also because:

  1.  i think understanding the political policies our reps are actively working on (or ignoring) is an important first step in becoming politically engaged without bloating ourselves with info like a supernova and burning out,
  2. i think we should see politically engaged people as bad ass, inspiring hotties, and
  3. it’s cute


So, then what does it mean to be a policybabe?

This is something i’ve been trying to figure out since the project’s inception, both from a business perspective and on a personal level. What i’ve come up with (that’s the cool thing about creating a name: i also get to create what that name means!) is that policybabes are folks who just like REALLY WANNA GET FUCKING POLITICAL FOR A SEC. it’s not abrasive or hysterical or annoying to “make” something political.

everything is political.

And if you can’t talk to your closest friends or family about something that’s going on in the world, whether it’s just to help you work through a complicated idea, or to get an opinion, or to drop some damn knowledge, you are not in the wrong.

Do you think you’re one of us? you probably are. if you aren’t, go back to the beginning of the post and re-read it. are you one of us yet?

this isn’t about right or left, blue or red, conservative or liberal.

No one here will shame you for your political leanings, but if your beliefs are racist, sexist, ablest, LGBTQ-phobic, colonialist, or otherwise diminishes one group while you get ahead, you’ll definitely find your way out.


Our path forward includes:

Connecting with and supporting political engagement organizations that are doing work on the ground, education around specific policies being voted on both nationally and on a smaller scale, and awareness of voter registration and access initiatives.

So, welcome, we’re happy you’re here. Click here to sign up for our newsletter 🙂

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