Like many of my friends, my heart was shattered following the outcome of the 2016 election. Not because my candidate lost (which feels like a really offensive oversimplification of my sadness), but because I was terrified by the unknown of what was to come as well as the threats we’d been hearing about during this entire campaign season.

Like many of my friends, I stayed up all night crying, trying to make sense of it.

Like many of my friends, I was afraid of the rights that could be taken from me, my neighbors, and the strangers who need those rights the most.

Like many of my friends, I didn’t know what to do next. But I knew I had to do something….

So I made a shirt.

And I pulled Rachel on board as an idea bounce-boardy, designy, angel calmer downy, puppy-owning parter.

100% of profits (right now about $16 per shirt) will go directly to the organizations we support: Anti-hate, anti-bullying, anti-bigotry, anti-racism, anti-sexism.

We work multiple jobs—part-time, full-time, freelance, whatever—so we’re lucky to be able to afford to sell our art without turning a profit, and to partner with local businesses that support and work with us. We’re lucky to have the support of our friends and family. And we’ll use that to support those who don’t.

Really, I love you. Thanks for reminding me that this country is kind, and passionate, and fierce, and will not settle for division and hate.

love and power,